Sustainable and the best substitute to animal based protein

When we talk about protein, people usually mention eggs or chicken, mostly animal based protein. That is because people are not aware of various plant based protein. These plant based protein are not just the best alternative to animal based protein, but they are commercially viable too. Soy protein, which is a plant based high quality source of protein, ranks up to animal based protein. They also have a lot of health benefits which can be read here.

With vegetarian and vegan diet and lifestyle growing importance, it has made Soy protein not just an alternative to high source of protein but also a substitute. Soy protein production requires less water, land and energy compared to animal based protein. This makes sure that soy protein has lowest carbon footprint too. With the growing demand for high quality plant based protein, soy protein is one of the sustainable sources which is able to accommodate the growing demand for it without harming the environment much. It is important to make soy protein a substitute in our diet rather than taking it as an alternative.

According to scientific sources, conventional meat production has been one of the major contributors to the degradation of the environment. It takes a lot of resources and land to rear livestock for meat, producing a lot of greenhouse gases in the process. Protein production is a large contributor to earth’s pollution and the subsequent climate change. The Wiley Report states that:

“In view of the still growing world population towards 10 billion in 2050, it has been calculated that the world will need to produce about 70% more food calories than in 2006”.

This statement is not merely about the rising need for food, it can also be construed as the massive environmental impact that the escalation of meat/dairy/egg production is going to have.

Dr Marco Springman has stated that:

“The food system is responsible [currently] for more than a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore a major driver of climate change.”

Keeping this quote in mind, it is high time that a reliable substitute for protein is sought, and soy has come up as the most reliable answer.

If you still want to have that meat-eating experience, there are alternatives like organic tofu, soy milk, soy yogurt, tempeh, edamame and much more. You can use these to create interesting recipe’s which are not just tasty but healthy too. I have started making soya bean bean pancakes for breakfast, milkshakes with soy milk, snack on soy yogurt and tofu salad for dinner. I am doing my bit to reduce my carbon footprint too.

These alternatives will give a second change to our planet. Soy protein represents a change towards the salvation of the world, as well as a healthier alternative to your personal life and diet.