Review of Dudhsagar Spa Resort

Dudhsagar Spa resort is one of the decent accommodation near Dudhsagar falls. Yeah it is THE Dudhsagar falls shown in Chennai Express. On my visit to Dudhsagar falls, I had the privilege to stay at Dudhsagar Spa resort during #DriveWithSOUL trip.

I had reached the resort just about time for lunch counters to close. So I headed for the lunch buffet. The buffet spread was not that great, just average with respect to variety and taste. Basic offerings like sambar, rasam or curd rice weren’t available, there were no much options in starters too. If you stay here then you are stuck with the resort food unless you would like to travel many kms just to get some decent food. Outside eatables and drinks are not allowed and the items at the bar is priced high (2/3 times more than MRP). my friend, Arjun ordered a bottle of beer, MRP at Rs.29 sold at Rs.100. So you end up paying the price set by the resort for your food and beverages. Fish curry was really good during the dinner buffet along with some rava fried fish (oh it had to many thorns). For dessert, either strawberry ice cream was served else Kheer but the kheer hardly had any dry fruits in it. Staying in Goa, I expected some more of sea food on the menu as the taste of chicken curry was just average, but to my disappointment I just got a chance to have fish curry. Also, there is no microwave or kitchen setup in the room like the other 2 or 3 star resorts to cook a basic dish, so the restaurant is your only hope.

Heading towards the room, the room is spacious. you can opt for a cottage or a tent. It had geyser, AC, Hair dryer, TV with a set up box, Daily supply of tea/coffee sachets and water bottle, fresh soaps and bath towel. It also had a wardrobe which had a weird stink and hence I did not prefer using it to keep my clothes. I did not get the time to have a cup of tea or coffee from the service provided. The rooms were either cleaned in the afternoon or evening and when I left my room in the morning, it was cleaned when I returned for lunch with fresh supply of bath towel. Soaps were not replaced, may be because I did not use them completely. The temperature of AC could be controlled with the remote, giving me some peaceful sleep. One challenge which I faced was with the geyser, despite many efforts I couldn’t get a perfect combination of warm water, either the water was too hot or too cold. In toiletries, 2 mini soaps, 2 clinic plus shampoo, one shower cap and paper rolls were provided.

I had heard a common complaint that the resort is close to the highway which has lot of moving traffic and hence could get disturbing at night. Fortunately, my cottage was not close to the highway due to which my sleep was not disturbed or was it? I was too tired to even figure this out. So, preferably take a tent/cottage which is not close to the road so that you are not disturbed by the moving traffic.

The campus of the resort is considerably big with 2 swimming pool, a mini pool for kids and a 4 feet deep pool for others which has a mandatory dress code (one can buy pool costume from the reception), a snooker table which is not maintained well so do not expect a good game here, a spa which has many services (you could get a 10-20% discount) and a large area for adventure activities or even for a stroll. I had the opportunity to try out Zip lining activity which did give me a boost of energy when I rested at the resort.

There are many lawns in the campus with too may greenery around which I liked. The lawn near the restaurant was set up for barbeque and DJ night for Night 1 with Arambolla band performing for us so one could arrange that when they are here. It also has a small stage set up which could be a dance floor.

The resort is on the other side of the toll booth and hence, when ever you want to enter Goa, you will have to buy a toll ticket. This resort is close to the falls so it could be ideal for anyone who wants to have a weekend with a visit to the Dudhsagar falls.