Nakuul Mehta impresses with his witty replies during his Twitter Chat

Nakuul Mehta, better known as Shivaay Singh Oberoi or SSO for his fabulous performance in Ishqbaaaz on Star Plus, has recently won the Best Actor Male award at AVTA 2016. And the gift he gave to his fans was something they all have been waiting for. A twitter chat session, but that’s not it, his wit, humour and intelligence can be clearly seen with his replies. Some of the best replies are below:


 Starting the chat with this, can it get any better?

When he starts his chat with such a reply, you know you are in for some fun

Are you girls listening?

He knows some German too, talented guy. We love you too Nakuul

Pour your hearts people

Protective much but adorable too

This answer nailed it, though he answered the first part of the question

Now don’t change your surname on twitter 😉

Smarty pants, must say but Julee would be more than happy

Wasn’t it an obvious answer?

Getting stalked by SSO? Any girl would wait for it

Intelligent huh?

No, Mr. Mehta, keep such chat sessions often 🙂