How to include protein in your child’s diet

A healthy mind lives in healthy body, they are not separate. What affects one, affects the other. It is important to take care of the body and mind from the beginning. In today’s time, we allow our body to be affected with junk and unhealthy food. Children are exposed to unhealthy lifestyle and food choices. To add to this, they have reduced outdoor activities too. This lethal combination is getting them exposed to lifestyle problems as their growth gets hampered in the process. Changing their diet and including nutritional food including protein will help in overall development of a child. This post will help you to include protein in your child’s diet.

As you already know from my previous post that protein is very important in your diet. It helps you feel fuller and satiated for a long time which reduces the unnecessary munching. Hence it is important to include a well balanced diet right from childhood. Developing a habit of eating a healthy diet during childhood and adolescence is necessary. Height and weight of a child also depends on the protein intake. A child without a well balanced meal shows signs of aggression and tantrums unlike those whose protein intake is right as per their age. The significance of protein in your child’s diet cannot be overlooked.

Below are the ways to include protein in your child’s diet:

Soy milk: You can make milk shakes, serve cereals with soy milk or just enjoy a glass of milk everyday.

Pudding: Perfect as desserts or morning breakfast. You can add oats, chia seeds and flax seeds along with a fruit to make it a delicious pudding, but make it with either yoghurt or soy milk.

Soya beans patty:  Perfect snacking and best for lunch box.

Soya chunk biryani: Who can ever say no to biryani and soya chunk just replaces any meat.

Tofu scramble: Ditch the eggs for some tofu, add some veggies to make it a meal.

Lenthils: As a child I used to love all dal’s so its easiet to add this to any child’s diet

Nut butters: Best spread on breads or just enjoy a spoonful.

According to the research by PubMed, soy is rich in essential amino acids and is a protein of high quality which meets the nutrition requirements of both children and adults. While other ingredients may not be complete protein, but soy is a complete protein and regular intake of it will be very beneficial. Soy protein¬†eases constipation and lowers bad cholesterol too. By including soy in early stage, a child’s eating habit can be changed and he/she will be away from unhealthy and junk food. Include soy protein in your child’s diet and see the difference for yourself.