Beignets in New Orleans and more – Cafe Beignet or Cafe Du Monde?

Once you are in New Orleans, there are a lot of cafes to hang out at but when it comes to beignets in New Orleans, you would be confused between their best cafe’s – Cafe Beignet and Cafe Du Monde. Beignets (pronounce ben-yays are French Doughnut sprinkled with powdered sugar on top) is synonym to New Orleans and a famous breakfast or dessert option. Health conscious people, beware, beignets are fried but you wouldn’t want to miss these official state doughnut of Louisiana. You would notice an order of beignets on every table of cafes serving beignets. Wondering which cafe is better for beignets or more?

During my recent travel to New Orleans, I was looking for a breakfast place and stumbled upon Cafe Beignet on Bourbon Street. I had always planned on trying Beignets in New Orleans. It was one of few places which was open early from 7AM. Located at Musical Legends Park, it is next to impossible to miss this quaint little open courtyard cafe. There is Self order at the cafe but the food is served at your table by a server. Their menu have options of sandwiches, omelettes, New Orleans creole cuisine – Cajun specialities, waffles, breakfast options and hot and cold beverages. They also have an open bar with specialty cocktails – frozen and fresh. Hungry and unwilling to explore the menu much, I opted for veggie omelette (it has eggs, contrary to what few people think that an omelette can be without eggs too), an order of beignets (3 pieces in an order) and a small latte (small was big for me as it was way too much for me). I enjoyed the meal with some amazing company around and live jazz musicians playing for us. I just fell in love with the place instantly.

For my second day breakfast, I chose Cafe Beignet on Bourbon street again. I wanted to enjoy the live jazz band with my hot breakfast. The look of the cafe is very typical to that of cafe with no live musicians. I explored the menu this time to opt for an Over roasted turkey sandwich, an order of Beignets (how can I not enjoy Beignets in New Orleans) and a small hot chocolate (small is big as usual). The food was good and the beignets were just like the bourbon street cafe, hot, crisp and fresh.

For my third day breakfast, I chose to enjoy my breakfast at Cafe Beignet on Decatur Street. I chose craw fish omelette (their speciality), beignets and a Latte. I loved the craw fish omelette, served with a loaf of bread. Beignets were hot, fresh, soft and moist. I was already in love with beignets in New Orleans by now.

Cafe Beignet is said to be serving people for breakfast, lunch, evening drink or even dinner. The menu has a lot of bacon options too. They have something for everyone. Spoon, fork, sugar, hot sauce, paper tissue, salt and pepper can be found at a corner, you can help yourself. They also have another cafe on Royal street but I did not explore that. I loved the Bourbon street outlet more for the lively ambience and the vibe of the cafe. The food at both outlets was fabulous but get ready to wait for long. The line is extremely long at any point of the day. The wait is worth it though.

Lets now talk about the famous Cafe Du Monde which means People’s cafe or cafe of the world. It is located on Decatur street in the French quarter serving people since 1862. This is the original cafe and there are 7 more outlets spread across New Orleans. This coffee-and-beignet place is a popular tourist destination and few steps from Cafe Beignet. The cafe is bigger than Cafe Beignet but overcrowded too. The waiting line was the longest I have ever seen. They have table service and also take away. They are open 24 hours so if you crave for beignets in New Orleans at any time of the day/night then you now know where to go. People who want to try Beignets in New Orleans find their way to this cafe.

Beignets in New Orleans

I found my way to a table and ordered for Cafe du lait (latte) and an order of Beignets. Beignets and coffee were served hot. It costed together 6USD. It is a sight to sip hot coffee and beignets over looking Jackson Square in the French Quarters. The coffee portion was smaller than portion at Cafe Beignet, served in a cup. The beignets were good and crispy but lacked moist within, which made it difficult for me to swallow without coffee. The servers are quick in their service. I loved beignets in New Orleans at Cafe Beignets more as they could be enjoyed without forcing it down my throat with a drink. There are no other eating options here and you need to stick to coffee and beignets only which doesn’t make it a great breakfast or dining place. They only take cash so get your change ready, as compared to Cafe Beignet which also accepts cards.

Cafe Du Monde is cheaper than Cafe Beignet for coffee and beignets in New Orleans. Coffee and beignets would cost you around 9USD+ in Cafe Beignet when compared to 6USD at Cafe Du Monde.

Best beignets in New Orleans

My suggestion would be to try both the cafe’s, enjoy a good meal at Cafe Beignets with craw fish omelette or over roasted turkey sandwich, coffee and beignets. Also make your way to Cafe Du Monde for coffee and beignets in New Orleans. If you have the time/meals and wouldn’t mind having 2 portions of beignets then give both the cafe’s a try as one is part of history and the other is delicious. If you ever have to choose between them then Cafe Beignet should be your pick.