5 easy steps to book train tickets on Paytm

Hello everyone, how are you doing. Today I want to share some useful information around my travel planning. Travelling in train has so many memories that I normally opt for train travel to reminisce those memories. But booking tickets can be a hassle. Not anymore when you book train tickets on Paytm, read on to know why.

Book train tickets on Paytm

Many of us have struggled in our lives to book train tickets, especially tatkal booking. I used to head to the station a night before the tatkal counter opens and wait all night long to be one of the first ones to be at the counter. I also tried staying online on IRCTC site but results were never 100%. It used to be very time consuming. To save our time and energy, we can now book train tickets on paytm.

Book train tickets on Paytm

We have been using paytm in our daily lives. I have been using it the most. I shop, pay my bills, transfer money, use paytm mode of payment on other sites and much more. You can now also book train tickets on paytm. In a world where time is money, it is very important to value time and make the most of it. Now to book train tickets on paytm, you would only need a few seconds. The payment experience to book train tickets on paytm is very smooth, secure and quick.

Let me take you through the entire process of booking train tickets on paytm in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Click ‘Book on Paytm’ then ‘Train Tickets’. Choose your departure and Arrival destination along with your departure date.

Step 2: Choose your train and coach from the listing. You will be able to see the availability and price for each coach. Click the coach you choose to travel in. You will now be able to see ticket price and availability for 6 days from your chosen date. You can now choose your date of travel depending on the availability of tickets.

Step 3: Type your IRCTC user ID, if you don’t have one then you can register for new IRCTC account right there. You can also choose your boarding station. Fill in the traveller details. Don’t forget to choose your berth. You can also fill in GST details for tax benefit here.

Step 4: Proceed to book with your IRCTC password, you can reset if you have forgotten your current password.

Step 5: Review your itinerary. Proceed to payment via paytm wallet, card or net banking, which will take few seconds only.

If you are booking tatkal train tickets on paytm then make sure you have enough balance in paytm wallet for smooth payment experience.

Paytm also provides customer support for any queries. You can reach out to 24/7 helpline number +91 – 95553 95553 for all your queries on ticket booking, cancellation or refund.

Paytm has made our lives very easy. So now #PaytmKaro to book train tickets too. Hope you find this post useful to book train tickets on paytm.