‘Mast’ time at Mast Kalandar

For all the veggies in town, Mast Kalandar has been a place of visit for their quick lunches and dinner with combo’s. So even I dropped by to have a meal and give my reviews of the same while Mast Kalandar celebrated their 50th store. Jaldi Bites are totally awesome for office goers like me.

The Menu of Mast Kalandar is quite vast. They have lots of options to choose from. So one will not miss home food and one can have them here at Mast Kalandar.

On a hot afternoon, what better way than to treat your throat with some lassi or buttermilk? So the first serving was sweet lassi, mango lassi, buttermilk and shikanjee. Well, lassi tasted just perfect to my taste as I always prefer sweet lassi. Mango lassi had perfect sweetness with the pulp of mango and curd. Buttermilk with some masala chills anyone’s throat and well, cools the body too but what surprised me was shikanjee which was sweet and yet my throat asked for more. I loved shikanjee.

As a chat lover, I preferred for some Dahi puri and Chola samosa. There is never a wrong time to have some good chats. It actually made me feel more hungry to have more of it. Mast Kalandar has been famous for its chats and now I know why. Dahi puri was sweet and Chola samosa was a little spicy giving my starters the perfect taste. I cannot choose which was better as both were best.


Then the turn of main course came and it was served. 8 varieties of curries and dal together were served. It included one veggie of the day which was Dhaniya aalu, Rajma, Dal makhni, Kadai paneer, Kadhi, Punjabi paneer, Chole and Dal.

Punjabi paneer surprised me as this did not taste like any other paneer dish I have tasted before. Dhaniya aalu which was the veg of the day was good too. Rajma and Kadhi tasted its best with rice. Chole has been everyone’s favorite anyday. Dal makhni and Dal has to be there on any plate for the taste they get to the tongue while having the main course. Kadhai paneer did not impress me. But the remaining dishes did.

These dishes look as ‘yumm’ as they taste.


A variety of bread were served with the main course. Phukla, Naan, Tandoori roti, Paratha’s which filled our stomach completely. Jeera rice and plain rice was also served.

How can any meal end without a dessert? After such a heavy and filling lunch, I was very excited to see what came along as a dessert. A warm Gulab Jamoon was just perfect to end my meal, wish my meal never ended though.

It was perfected heated and had the right amount of sugar in it. Shamelessly, I asked for another one as I just couldn’t stop at one. This dessert made my day and made my entire meal very filling.

Before I stop writing, I would like to say that it was my friend Aravind’s birthday which the team celebrated very well and it did surprise us too. Aravind, being the ‘babuji ka achha beta’, cut the gulab jamoon’s instead of a birthday cake.

So we did get to eat some more gulab jamoon. Thanks to Aravind for having his birthday on that day.

Thank you Mast Kalandar for inviting us for lunch. I, along with my other blogger friend’s thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Hope we are invited again.

I hope you found my review useful. Do drop by the nearest branch and have some quick bites and some long lunches and dinner too. Do not just believe what people say, try it for yourself.

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and Twitter: https://twitter.com/MastK

Ufff LIVE tweeting while having the food was easier that day than writing the blog today. Now I’m craving for Mast Kalandar food. Time for me to visit the nearest store 🙂