Enjoy Vegan food in Bangalore at Carrots Restaurant

What comes to your mind when you hear the word VEGAN? No milk, no meat so the food wouldn’t actually be tasty? Well, even I had that thought. But I decided to give an all vegan restaurant a try to actually experience the food and have my own thoughts on the same.

I made my way to Carrots Restaurant which is located in Koramangala. With the healthy food options available at Carrots restaurant, I had heard good reviews about the place. To beat the summer heat I first had a glass of buttermilk which was spiced followed by Carrot Oats smoothie which was filling. Both drinks did not have animal milk but plan based milk.


While having conversation with co-owner Sushmita, I figured more about vegan diet which is not just a diet but a way of life. We were then served Creamy Corn and Cilantro Soup with House Made Whole Wheat Garlic Bread which was thick and creamy.

While we made sure we did not let our tummy fill so soon, we tasted some delicious Chili Garlic Potato for starters. As I am fond of salads, I also tried Thai Peanut Salad which had the perfect crunch and taste. While one starter is fried, we compensated the other with a healthy salad.

For main course, we tried Aubergine Mushroom Platter served with rice and veggies. It could be your perfect dish for a platter full of veggies and health. The second main course was an indulgence – Sloppy Joe Burger which had filling of spiced soya pieces and not the regular fried patty, I must say it is quiet messy to eat. Also, the bun is made with some cocoa powder to change the color of the bun. You have options to indulge in main course healthily or stick to your healthy options.

Couldn’t end the meal without a dessert so we opted for their famous Obsessive Chocolative Disorder which has Whole Wheat Chocolate Brownie, with Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream, Dark Chocolate Sauce & Nuts. It is also made with organic sugar keeping health in mind. I also tried their sugar free ice cream. I am not too fond of vegan ice cream as its lot more creamier and taste is different.

Carrots Restaurant has a huge menu with many options – Juices, shakes, smoothies, soup, salad, starters, chaats, wraps, burgers, pasta, pizza, calzone, Indian curries, main course, fusion food, raw food, desserts, ice cream and hot beverages. From health freaks to those looking to indulge, there is something for everyone at Carrots Restaurant.


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