Discovering Hennessy V.S long-drinks

The Hennessy Artistry event was held in Spice Terrace, J.W.Marriott with electrifying music by DJ’s Dave Aju and Praveen Achary on December 14th, 2013. It was a great party where Hennessy was flowing along with some great music. Praveen Achary and Dave Aju’s vibes was all around the venue so grabbing a glass of Hennessy was a must.
To begin with, let me tell about a little about Hennessy. Hennessy cognac distillery, or simply Hennessy, was founded in 1765 by Irishman Mr Richard Hennessy. Since the drink was found that long ago I thought of that drink as a professional drink to have over business meetings, I was shocked to see the menu as I had thought that it would be the best drink to have on the rocks. The whole concept blew my mind and I change my view about Hennessy.
The 1st drink “The Hennessy ginger” was a rare combination according to me. When I asked the bartender to suggest me the best drink he too suggested me the same. Though I was hesitant to try the same but I did give it a try. I was taken aback as I found the drink to very good and smooth. The blend was extra ordinary and it gave a warm feeling within even though it wasn’t on the rocks. I would also suggest that the best combination with Hennessy was ginger.
The 2nd drink “The Hennessy tonic” was the drink that I actually thought would be better than ginger. No doubt the drink was good but the combination was not as good as the ginger in terms of the mixture. When the savoring drink had pasted down my throat the drink was actually stronger and a gentle scratch on my throat was felt but still the same warmth that I felt when I have ginger was produced and it was amazing. I would still suggest this drink for a heavy whiskey drinker so as to enjoy all the benefit of a whiskey along with the most used mixture.
The 3rd drink “The Hennessy apple” was the drink which actually increased the over content of the alcohol. This made the drink too strong for me and I personally didn’t like it as the warmth in my stomach was taken by the heat caused by it. But for whiskey lovers, one should try it.
The 4th drink “The Hennessy soda” while u think soda is the best combination with all the drinks I beg to differ. It gave me a different taste altogether and the way it scratched my throat was a pain but it brought back the amazing warmth in my stomach after a good rest with apple.
The 5th drink “The Hennessy cola”, this drink was a different experience altogether. Even though this was my 5th drink of the night and the music was already running into my legs to go dance, the taste of cola was actually minimizing the entire taste of Hennessy by which I was taken aback. The drink was smooth and was fulfilling with the warmth but taste was not the same.
Before a write about the last drink, I know you must be thinking that I would have been pasted out before the last drink (so did I) but Hennessy actually did not take me to that level where I had lost my mind and would have chosen not to have the 6th drink but it had taken over my taste bugs and was forcing me to try the last one.
The 6th drink “The Hennessy berry” this drink was not much different to tonic other than the taste. The berry flavor was a good combination as it didn’t over power the taste of Hennessy and gave a mild taste of berry, I wasn’t much fascinated by the combination as I am not too fond of berries. So I cant give my best judgment about the same. Berry lovers should try this.
In the end the 1st drink was the best drink and that was “The Hennessy ginger” I would either suggest on the rocks, ginger and tonic as these as the best ways to have Hennessy according to my taste buds. Hope u enjoyed my taste and kindly consider following it when u have Hennessy.
The electrifying night had to end but we all at the party wanted more of music and Hennessy.
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