Celebrate World Sushi Day with Sushi Pizza at Shizusan Shophouse and Bar

World Sushi Day is nearing and the love I have developed for Sushi is making me crave for sushi these days. Shizusan Shophouse and Bar served some good sushi’s since their launch so I had expected them to come up with something for World Sushi Day which falls on 18th June.

I have always loved their food promotion, be it Travelling Bao or Wok to plate promotion, so I was excited to see the sushi promotion. Without any disappointment, Shizusan has come up with a limited sushi promotion which will culminate on 18th June. 4 different Sushi Pizza are on offer for 3 days between 16th to 18th June, non veg pizza slice is priced at Rs. 375 and veg pizza slice is priced at Rs. 275.

My favourite from non veg is Tuna, Salmon and Jalapeno with crispy seaweed topped with kewpie mayo. And the best in veg is Edamame, Avacado and Philly cheese and Asparagus topped with wasabi mayo.

While the Prawn, Mango and Edamame topped with honey chili and mango sauce worked with me, Jackfruit, mango and seasonal fruit sushi with spicy mayo did no magic to my taste buds.

I would definitely go back for both non veg sushi pizza. As it a rice roll sushi as a pizza slice, it gets a little messy and difficult to eat with hand so get those knife and fork out to eat these sushi pizza. This special sushi promotion is on for 3 days only – Saturday, Sunday and Monday so enjoy this eid weekend with some sushi pizza at Shizusan and Bar.

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