Balmain Hair spa at Blown for dry and dull hair

A good hair day is so rare but when we have one then we flaunt it. But why don’t we have good hair days on most days? Because our hair is tortured by pollution, excessive usage of heat, irregular hair spa, use of wrong products, excessive hair coloring etc. I am a lazy bum for hair spa but if you use good products for your hair at home then a good hair spa once in 2 months will always help to maintain and nourish your hair.

If you suffer from dull and dry hair, spoiled by pollution and coloring then this post is for you. Balmain Hair couture has a range of hair products which are paraben and cruelty free which helps add volume to your hair along with intense moisturising.


You can experience Balmain Hair Spa at Blown which is situated on Lavelle road. Blown is a hair, nail and wine bar which provides various nail and hair services along with award winning French, Iced and Vegan wines. Give in your hair to Balmain Hair Spa at Blown where your hair will be washed, conditioned, massaged, steamed with hot towel along with serum and leave-in conditioner from Balmain range which will add volume and moisture to your hair.



Balmain hair spa has worked wonders for me and my dry hair looks like it has life in it. You can also purchase Balmain products from them for you regular use at Blown.

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